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When Family and Criminal Law Overlap, Bail Gets Complicated Bail Bond Legal News

Family court judges handle these cases and more.

The judge will hear the reasoning that prompted the request. The judge will consider the proposed name. The application is typically accepted if the name is suitable.

Any of these cases can be handled by family attorneys. They are able to provide advice as well as file papers, or even represent an individual by putting the subject in a positive light.

What happens when family cases intersect?

In the event that criminal and family matters are involved, it is common to find the top criminal defense attorney and family law attorney. This happens quite often, as shown by these examples:

Cases involving assault and restraining orders: This is the most frequently occurring type of overlap. Domestic violence occurs when in which one of the spouses touches an other, then the one that was injured seeks the temporary restraining of another.

Restraining orders are handled through the court for families. But assault is a crime and has hefty consequences. If the assault is a minor offense it could result in as long as one year in jail. If convicted of an the offense of aggravated assault could be sentenced to an maximum penalty of 20 years.

Divorce and theft situations Legal and familial law may overlap in divorce scenarios. A criminal act may be the sole reason someone seeks divorce. A husband or wife may be guilty of theft. One spouse could be required to apply for divorce and bring a criminal case.

Change of name and fraud There is a possibility to get a name change as well as a charge of fraud. The situation would also require the assistance of a criminal lawyer as well as the family law lawyer.

Family Court Doesn't Typically Issue Bail

The family court isn't the most likely to issue bail when criminal and family law overlap. The criminal justice system may issue bail to some defendants. Bail refers to the amount of money a defendant must pay