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There are many things you could do to increase your security. In the first place, ensure that nobody gets injured. If there is a risk of injury, make sure you notify that operator on the phone when you call to report the accident.

In the event of a minor incident, it is possible to move your vehicles off of the road in order to let traffic continue. Switch on the hazard lights as soon as you are able. If you have flares or emergency triangles with reflective edges it can prevent anyone from injury by vehicles that are coming towards them. For more severe accidents make sure that you leave your vehicle where they are until police arrive.

Make contact with the police, and then document the incident

Every piece of information you've got regardless of whether it's from eyewitnesses, or photos could be useful to lawyers who handle accidents as they decide to take actions. As the police arrive at the scene, ask for the names of their officers, contact details as well as badge numbers. Be certain to provide a formal statement. If they don't come, file an incident report with the local station and keep copies for the insurance adjuster and your file. Also, make sure you exchange information and contact information for insurance with the other driver.

There are other steps

If a tow truck is required, you can call one in order to transport your vehicle to a collision repair centre. You may be referred by the insurance company to a preferred one. Check to see if your insurance policy will cover a rental car until you get repaired your vehicle. This could prove quite beneficial.

Locating the most reliable driver resource includes the use of new technologies. Insurance companies are now offering mobile apps which can aid in documenting and reporting accidents more simple. Try downloading this application from your insurance provider and getting to understand how it operates. Another issue that your accident lawyers and the insurance company could aid in is if the individual responsible for the accident is underinsured or not insured. Insurance agents from the company will assist you in determining solutions to get your vehicle repaired, and legal or medical costs that are paid for.

Special Representation

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