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Oil, Brakes and Engines, Oh My! How to Take Care of Your Car Your Oil

If it is low, add water-based coolant, turn on your car, and then check again. If it's not it is time to add a bit more coolant that is water-based. Repeat the process until the level remains between the MIN as well as MAX lines as you drive. If your vehicle's coolant is not in the range of MIN as well as MAX lines, stop the engine, and replace it with the water-based coolant as soon as you can. Do not operate your vehicle with less than the recommended coolant. There is a chance that you could harm the engine or even cause it to overheat. Therefore, ensure the safety of your car by checking its coolant level prior to you drive. The level of coolant can cause major damages to your vehicle when you don't check it. Replace Wipers If Needed In terms of safety the windshield wipers have crucial roles in protecting your passengers and yourself on roads. Rain, snow dirt, sand, and dust that fly at the windshield are likely to reduce the visibility of your car, and also increase your chance of becoming involved in an collision. This makes it necessary to get a good quality wiper set up which do not leave streaks on your windshield after every use. Replace the windshield wipers in case they're not lifting dust or other dust particles. Be sure to purchase wipers that match your vehicle. Make sure they don't take too much time to fit. Additionally, you should try as hard as you can stick with the manufacturer's specifications. It is possible to replace the original wipers included with your vehicle if you're not satisfied with the quality of their performance. Regularly changing your windshield wipers can prove to be the most affordable solution to maintain your vehicle in good condition. It not only keeps yourself and others on the road safe as well, but it could also save you some cash as windshield wipers are cheap. It is suggested that you change your wipers at least each six months or once they become worn-out. Stains within your dental health .